Aust Post parcels -$9 fee for missed delivery

If you have been following the news, you will have seen Aust Post are planning on introducing charges for customers who take too long in picking up their parcel from the shop, if you’ve missed their delivery.

While there are arguements about the legality of such a move, that hopefully the ACCC or sim will weigh in on, there are other issues with their delivery service.

One is their stealth delivery service, where I’ve been home and still somehow “missed the delivery”.  Another at times when I have expected a parcel, not had it show up, not get a missed delivery card. and after days (and some investigation) found my parcel waiting for collection.

So where I have a delivery option, I will be seriously considering the non Aust Post option.  If that is not available, I will encourage the company to provide an alternative.

SMH – delivery alternatives

Brisbane Times – going postal

Vale Neil Scobie

I met Neil quite a few years ago, like many, through the wood shows and was amazed with the work he produced, and that produced in tandem with his wife Liz.

I helped them out at one stage converting some of his videos so excerpts could be loaded onto YouTube, and got some copies of his amazing videos for the work.

So it is sad news indeed that at a very young 63, we have lost the incredible talent of this amazing woodworker and teacher.

While his erosion bowl and waveforms a well-recognised feature of his work, he produced many other beautiful pieces, from traditional furniture with intricate detail, to turned work and carvings.

You can see more of the work of this amazing Australian at

My previous articles on Neil can be found here and here

My condolences to his wife Liz, and family.

Please note, all images used in this article are copyright to Neil and Liz Scobie, and are used here by permission.

Usborne Computer Books

If you were a kid (teen, or even some adults) in the ’80s, and were into the computers of the day (TRS80, Spectrum ZX80 / 81, BBC, Apple etc), then you probably knew about, wanted, or even owned one or two of the Usborne computer books.

While this won’t be of interest to everyone, I’m sure there are some that read this site that would love to hear that these original titles are now free to download as PDFs from Usborne.

I defintely remember the bottom-right title, and even programming an adventure game following its instructions.  It was no Transylvania

but it was a fascinating time to be involved with IT.  Not sure why I left that path, but guess I wasn’t destined to be a programmer.
Perhaps I never found the golbin in real life that I needed to say IJNID to. (And if that means nothing to you, then you’ve never played Transylvania!)

BTW, if you are now feeling really nostalgic, and would like to play Transylvania (again), there is now a reasonable port of it available on the iTunes App store.  Not sure if it is a full port of the game, but it is fun to remember what it was all about for the few screens I did look at!

MakeCNC Lifetime

I’m quite the fan of MakeCNC‘s plans, as you will probably have gathered!  They are useable for more than just CNC machines – the plans can be used with scrollsaws, plasma machines, laser machines, even an exacto knife and cardboard.

The total library is huge, and it keeps on growing as new plans come out regularly.  Buying the individual plans can add up very quickly, so buying the plans in a pack is much more cost-effective.

The most cost-effective pack is the lifetime membership pack, where not only do you get every single plan they have produced, you get every single plan they produce into the future.

A pack like that doesn’t come cheap though, given the total number of plans available.  With over $US10000 worth of plans now available, the price is about to rise (tomorrow) to $US2000.  So if you are really keen, today is the very last day that you can purchase lifetime membership for $US1500.

To give you an example, in the month that I was away, I got back to 107 new plans sitting in my inbox, and there are another 60 odd plans to come that I know about.  That is on top of the over 1500 plans I already have!

So if this is something you have been thinking about, but haven’t made a decision, or if this is something you haven’t heard of, but are tempted, this is the last chance to get them for $US500 less than they will be tomorrow.

A visit to Rockler (again)

USA Stu-1

While in LA, I took the opportunity to drop into one of their two Rockler stores.  While not as well stocked as the one in Denver, it still had a large range of consumables and smaller items for purchase (rather than a focus on the larger machines that you can also buy from them).

USA Stu-2

I probably would have spent more time there, but the couple of staff working behind the counter were really not interested in talking to customers.  So Jess (my daughter) and I had a bit of a wander around, I spent an old voucher I had (that I never expected to have a chance to use), and we headed out again.

Still, good to see a reasonable range of woodworking-related tools and consumables, presented well.  A very empty shop customer-wise compared to Denver, but that could easily be down to time of day, or day of week (not that I know what day of the week it was, completely lost track of that while touring!!)

Surprised to see Triton on their shelves.  A brand that just won’t lie down it seems.

Survived the whirlwind

For the last 30 days, my family and I have been touring around western USA.  With good intentions, I thought I would be able to do some posts from there, but completely underestimated just how intense such a trip would be!

After about 5000km of driving, not to mention miles of plane flights, other transport options, and walking, we have made it home again.

I will go through what I saw for anything that would be of interest for here.  I did try to drop in on Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer), and designed our route to give us a night in Phoenix specifically for that.  However, the date closely coincided with Easter and he had other, family-based plans.  Bit of a shame – doubt I’ll be getting back to Phoenix again any time soon!

I managed to get to Rockler again, – took some photos from one of the two LA stores.

Anyway, won’t preempt any future posts now, but just to say, we will be getting back to the shed, and the woodworking shortly!

Coming to America……take 2

Off on a bit of an excursion with the family, so sorry, but posts will be a bit haphazard for a while!

I’ll bring you any interesting shed or wood related content as I come across it

Needs no explanation – fits perfectly into the theme of the post!

Ok, this one doesn’t.  But they are Mickey Mouse pancakes! 

Thank goodness my shed is not in California!  
Wookie love.  Just because


Petrified wood table  
Wood bed back

If this rates as a tree, then all the Lego is fair game!


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