Episode 120 Making the TT Rex

Material: 3mm Acrylic
Router Bit: Amana Tool 514411/16″ Spiral-o-Flute upcut from Toolstoday.com
CNC Router: Torque CNC 9060
Spindle Speed: 12000RPM
Horizontal Cutting Speed: 5mm/sec
Vertical Cutting Speed: 10mm/sec with ramping

Plans from MakeCNC.com

Episode 119 Kerfing on the Tablesaw

I made this video while I was creating a vertical garden for an article in The Shed magazine.


Lost the files for a while (and forgot I had shot the video!!), but here it is at long last!

Wrapping it up

No, not the website!  The things I am making.  Purchased a shrink wrap machine to improve the quality of packaging of the models etc.

This is a bit of a before and after.  How I was packaging the models up for markets originally, and how they will look now (at least as far as packaging is concerned).  I am working on a new logo and branding as well with a friend of mine.  This is how far it has progressed so far, and I think we are well on the road to a really cool result!

I’ve also had a play around on Etsy, setting up a shop on there.  The Toymaker’s Shop

Not much on there at this stage – small steps!  But it will grow pretty quickly once I get my standard approach worked out.

English Manor Dollshouse

First attempt at a larger build of one of the MakeCNC buildings.

Made from 6mm MDF, it took a bit to assemble- friction really increases dramatically with the larger sizes.  

The result is quite impressive.  Feeling inspired to make some of the others.

Wooden Laptop Housing

An interesting article on Makezine on how a limited edition, wooden laptop housing was produced.


Aust Post parcels -$9 fee for missed delivery

If you have been following the news, you will have seen Aust Post are planning on introducing charges for customers who take too long in picking up their parcel from the shop, if you’ve missed their delivery.

While there are arguements about the legality of such a move, that hopefully the ACCC or sim will weigh in on, there are other issues with their delivery service.

One is their stealth delivery service, where I’ve been home and still somehow “missed the delivery”.  Another at times when I have expected a parcel, not had it show up, not get a missed delivery card. and after days (and some investigation) found my parcel waiting for collection.

So where I have a delivery option, I will be seriously considering the non Aust Post option.  If that is not available, I will encourage the company to provide an alternative.

SMH – delivery alternatives

Brisbane Times – going postal

Vale Neil Scobie

I met Neil quite a few years ago, like many, through the wood shows and was amazed with the work he produced, and that produced in tandem with his wife Liz.

I helped them out at one stage converting some of his videos so excerpts could be loaded onto YouTube, and got some copies of his amazing videos for the work.

So it is sad news indeed that at a very young 63, we have lost the incredible talent of this amazing woodworker and teacher.

While his erosion bowl and waveforms a well-recognised feature of his work, he produced many other beautiful pieces, from traditional furniture with intricate detail, to turned work and carvings.

You can see more of the work of this amazing Australian at http://www.neilandlizscobie.com

My previous articles on Neil can be found here and here

My condolences to his wife Liz, and family.

Please note, all images used in this article are copyright to Neil and Liz Scobie, and are used here by permission.


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