Alaskan ULU Knife

I’ve been having a go making a handle and curved chopping board for the ULU knife blank from Professional Woodwork Supplies.

While I have made knife handles before by hand, this was the first time I have integrated some CNC steps into the process, and in particular for cutting the mortises for the blade tang (or in this case, tangs).

I also used the CNC to carve out the hollow chopping board.  Takes about 10 minutes, so a very quick set and forget to create the shallow hollow.

Next time I will try to make a much thicker board, with a deep hollow.

Timber is Camphor Laurel, and the same piece was used for both the board and the handles.  The next one will be made from some of the Gidgee I picked up at the wood show.

Finished with Foodsafe Plus oil from Ubeaut.

2 Responses

  1. For a variation on this, have you thought about using two blades? Füri make a mezzaluna called the Froggy, which is much easier to use one handed. I’d never go back to a single blade.

    • I hadn’t, but cool idea!

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