Content thief

Despite being on the web for many years, it has been surprisingly rare for anyone to actually take any of my content and reuse it as their own, at least that I have come across.

So a note to Antonio M. Isler, stop it.  DMCA notices have been issued for most of your sites, and I will track the remainder down.

Update: the thieving prick has got it set up to automatically steal and repost my content (as I suspected), so now all his remaining sites have this post at the top, declaring him a content thief.

While some sites (such as WordPress) take the entire site down in the face of such blatent theft, others (such as Google / Blogspot) only take down the actual posts complained about.  Time they dealt properly with DMCA abusers.

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  1. Stu,

    For those uneducated blokes in across the ditch, what is a DMCA?


    Raoul Collings

    P +64,9,624-2426

    M +64,21,962-197

    • It is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. There are now very clear parameters for you to lodge a complaint about breeches of copyright in the digital environment, that requires prompt action from the company hosting the content.

      If you Google DMCA and the host’s name (such as Tumblr), you will find a page where you can submit a complaint about your content being used inappropriately.

  2. Plagiarism! Man that sucks. I had someone using pictures from my website to promote his own crappy work on his website, he was over in the UK, it was a picture of a bunch of signs I had made and they were on my workbench at my old house in Knox. He was using it as the main thumbnail image to click through and order his signs, I never bothered to chase it up, someone told me there is not much I could do anyway.
    He may still be doing it for all I know, I contacted him and never heard back.
    There is also a guy in Sydney making boxes (bespoke) and he practically pinched the whole first paragraph from my old website, he is still using it today. I changed my new one because I was worried about Google penalising for duplicate content, I can use the wayback machine to prove it was on my website way before he put it on his.
    I guess we should be flattered, still, it pisses me off. People have some nerve, especially when they are using it to make money from your efforts and hard work and you get nothing for it.

    I searched that guys name ‘Antonio M. Isler’, and it appears his blog has been taken down at least. Goodluck with it all Stu

    • Have gotten some of it down, but he set up about 5 or 6 different websites, and all using the same content.

      WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Alternion, and some others that I am still tracking down.

      Not only do I have to contact each of them, I have to identify each item that has been taken (blog post etc), and also where the original was sourced from. Given he has taken over 20 posts already, it takes bloodly ages to fill in the forms.

      • His address on twitter seems dodgy, probably a fake name or someone else. You wonder who would have the time to do all this? I don’t really see what they gain from it, especially if they aren’t even using their own name. They probably know nothing about woodwork, just some geek hacker sitting in his pj’s, living with his Mum, messing up peoples lives.

  3. Goodonya Stu
    “Update: the thieving prick has got it set up to automatically steal and repost my content (as I suspected), so now all his remaining sites have this post at the top, declaring him a content thief.”
    That is just too funny.

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