Beta Stool Kit – Dunstone Design

A year or so ago, I got to visit Dunstone Design’s workshop, and had a chance to really get a taste of their design concepts, and approaches to the production of fine furniture.

As a woodworker, I am less inclined to purchase someone else’s finished product, as I really enjoy making things myself, and this is where Dunstone Design’s furniture kits come into their own.

Now even if you are much less experienced than the artisans at DD, you can still produce one or their chairs, or now, one of their stools by purchasing a kitset.

They have had their chair kit out for a while

And there is now a kit available for one of their Beta Stools.

It comes with a full set of instructions (about 30 pages of them!)

If you happen to be in Melbourne this weekend, it is even easier to get hold of one of these kits, as Dunstone Design will be at the Melbourne Working with Wood Show this weekend at the Caulfield Raceway.

Check out the MacFarlane Bowsander while you are there too

It was created by Dunstone Design to solve a particular sanding problem in their workshop while making chairs, but has proven to be a runaway success and very popular once they made some available for sale.

Dunstone Design’s website can be found here.

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