Change in the woodwork landscape

Companies do come and go.  Even the Woodworking Warehouse was not immune.

The branding may still be on the outside, but inside even the bones have been picked over.  Most went to an auction house, and the rest of the bones got gnawed on subsequently.

I had a bit of a look, but while there were a few bits of interest, the price was too high for things I didn’t specifically need.

So while there are still options in SE Melbourne for woodworkers, the Woodworking Warehouse is no longer one of them.

4 Responses

  1. There was a woodworking warehouse? I thought it was only Carbatec that was looking after woodworkers.

    • Woodworking Warehouse was in Moorabbin a long time before Carbatec was local.

  2. Things must be a little slow in the woodworking sales department
    I went to the working with timber show on in Brisbane was the smallest show i ever seen there lots of regs never showed

  3. It is sad to see woodworking warehouse go, but businesses come and go all the time. The pricing of items – businesses compete to get your business ( big concerns can buy in bigger lots and get items at lower cost which kills the little concerns).

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