Aust Post parcels -$9 fee for missed delivery

If you have been following the news, you will have seen Aust Post are planning on introducing charges for customers who take too long in picking up their parcel from the shop, if you’ve missed their delivery.

While there are arguements about the legality of such a move, that hopefully the ACCC or sim will weigh in on, there are other issues with their delivery service.

One is their stealth delivery service, where I’ve been home and still somehow “missed the delivery”.  Another at times when I have expected a parcel, not had it show up, not get a missed delivery card. and after days (and some investigation) found my parcel waiting for collection.

So where I have a delivery option, I will be seriously considering the non Aust Post option.  If that is not available, I will encourage the company to provide an alternative.

SMH – delivery alternatives

Brisbane Times – going postal

8 Responses

  1. I think it is another revenue raiser. I also have not had a missed delivery card only to find it was waiting for me at the local post office. Now I will be going in every day and asking if my parcel has arrived. If we all do that, the staff are going to get really peaved off.

  2. Hi,
    You do not mention the scam emails people have been getting, saying that Aus post has a parcel and when you respond to it your computer is locked down for ransom.

    • Didn’t know about that one. There is a special place in hell waiting for internet scammers and spammers

    • I have never received an email from Australia Post for one simple reason, they do not have my email address. I would hazard a guess that they would have very few peoples emails. So any email purporting to be from them would be a scam for sure.

  3. Australia Post has it’s share of problems. I’ve had that happen too many times, receiving a delivery notice for a small item when I’m actually home. Honestly I’d say it’s around 30%. Occasionally I get a second delivery notice when I never got a first notice, probably around 5% of the time. Not sure how often I receive no card, but they always act surprised when I show up at the post office and say I’ve never received a card but wanted to check anyway.

    The best thing that happened recently was when I got SMS notification of package delivery. To be honest, I would be perfectly satisfied to receive nothing but an SMS requiring a ~10 minute drive for pickup, as long as I got my packages.

    The big difficulty in finding an alternative is finding a reliable courier. As we can see, only the newest couriers have high ratings, everyone else, Australia Post included, gets 2 stars or less.

    I’ve never heard of Interparcel and Smart Send but it looks like they have the best ratings. They are courier middlemen, so maybe they have ways of keeping the couriers honest?

  4. My reading of the announcement is that it is for parcels that are left with AusPost for more than 3 weeks uncollected and only if you opt in.. Missed deliveries picked up within that time incur no charge. If you don’t opt in then the parcel is returned to sender after the time expires. Happy to be corrected if I have misunderstood, though.

    • The frustrating thing is if they don’t tell you that they have a parcel (which I have had happen on multiple occasions). The outcome of that is then you either will get a fine, or your package is returned to sender. Neither of which is desirable.

  5. I tried to find news about the $9 charge but didn’t find any. But I did find an article about how the new computer systems are misdirecting mail to take long trips around Australia.

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