Usborne Computer Books

If you were a kid (teen, or even some adults) in the ’80s, and were into the computers of the day (TRS80, Spectrum ZX80 / 81, BBC, Apple etc), then you probably knew about, wanted, or even owned one or two of the Usborne computer books.

While this won’t be of interest to everyone, I’m sure there are some that read this site that would love to hear that these original titles are now free to download as PDFs from Usborne.

I defintely remember the bottom-right title, and even programming an adventure game following its instructions.  It was no Transylvania

but it was a fascinating time to be involved with IT.  Not sure why I left that path, but guess I wasn’t destined to be a programmer.
Perhaps I never found the golbin in real life that I needed to say IJNID to. (And if that means nothing to you, then you’ve never played Transylvania!)

BTW, if you are now feeling really nostalgic, and would like to play Transylvania (again), there is now a reasonable port of it available on the iTunes App store.  Not sure if it is a full port of the game, but it is fun to remember what it was all about for the few screens I did look at!

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