Science Project

Had a bit of fun tonight, helping my daughter with her science project.  We made an Orrery, and it was surprisingly easy (well, especially when you have a CNC router at your disposal!)

It is a basic design, very similar to one we found online.  Although the Earth spins as it moves around the sun, and the moon spins around Earth, the two are directly linked, so the timing of each orbit is the same.  I roughly played with the dimensions of the two pulleys, so the moon orbit is approximately 12 times the orbit around the sun.

Now Jess just has the hard bit to go – getting it all painted up!


One Response

  1. It looks great, don’t forget to show us Jess’ hard work when she has finished.
    Do you think it might make a good video project as well?

    I would love to see it actually working.


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