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  1. 8 times the size. 2x X 2y X 2z ie 2X2X2=8

  2. 8 times the volume, but meaning colloquially as twice the size.

  3. Is that a real Lego figure, or did you 3D print one? Given the price of Danish plastic these days, I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Saw the Lego kit of the heli carrier from the Avengers movie, can’t get my head around a box of Lego costing $500. Wooden toys are looking a whole lot more attractive!

    • I get the same emotional response building these to doing Lego. A bit less, but then, I can make as many of these as I want, whereas Lego will send me to the poorhouse.

      But it is so addictive!!

      $500 for a Lego kit isn’t the most I’ve seen either. $750 for one of the currently available buildings puts the $400 or so of the Sydney Opera House into perspective.

      I’m in big big trouble when I go to Legoland in LA later this year!!!!

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