An unusual motion

Driving down the road recently, and the steering wheel was really acting a bit strangely, and I was feeling a slight bit of a vibration that was out of the norm.  Checking the wheel, and although it looked fine from the outside, the inside edge revealed a different problem, with the steel radial portion of the tyre making its presence known on the outside, rather than the inside of the tyre.  That is an interesting fail.

So when I was in the shed this afternoon, sanding away, I was equally surprised to discover that vibration had followed me into the shed.  And it got worse, real quick.

Turns out the sanding pad on my Festool ETS150/5 had also experienced a catastrophic failure, and it was in the process of tearing itself to shreads.  About time I replaced it anyway- at some point I managed to overheat the pad, and the velcro was damaged so it did not hang onto sandpaper at all well.

Picked up a new one, so will fit that next time I’m in the shed.  There are three main grades that I could see (looking quickly).  The one I got was the middle for stiffness.  The softer one (grey) looks to be the one that comes with the ETS150/3, and there was one even harder, that means it will sand things flatter, rather than following any natural contours.  It depends on your intended application.  Worth knowing though, in particular situations, you may want to use one over another.  I also have a supplementary pad that is very soft, that fits between the base and the sandpaper, so that gives me a lot of flexibility (pun intended) where it comes to how I use the particular sander.

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  1. stu that thick pad that fits between the paper and base is the best thing since sliced bread for nicely rounding off the arris on furniture,toys and the like. it’s my go to tool for finishing my chairs

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