Collaboration 1

Got a spare $59400?


The cabinet is made from Sassafras, with black heart Sassafras inlays on the front doors and wenge/ebony trims, and was created by Phoebe Everill from “School of Wood”

The squares and marking gauges are a complete set of ebony tools from Colen Clenton tools, and includes a couple of “one off” tools.

There is also a full set of 50 ebony tools (primarily planes) from HNT Gordon, and includes the first ever HNT Gordon moving fillister plane.

That is one stunning collection!  Viewable at Sturt Wood Gallery.

And if you really do happen to have a spare $59400, contact them at

One Response

  1. Would not look out of place in MOMA or the Guggenheim. Beautiful and functional, always the epitome of great design.

    I never cease to be amazed by the amount of skill and talent that is practically on your doorstep in this country. I’ve admired Colen’s tools but never realised he’s just 40 minutes drive from me. Makes me wonder why I don’t have a try square at least.

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