Views of the Show

As you can see, rent-a-crowd was definitely needed.  The sawdust on the floor of the racing centre was hilarious – the poor cleaning staff did not know what to do.  They are so used to keeping the space neat and clean, and were running around with those little push, manual vacuums trying to keep the sawdust from spreading.

The sign upstairs said “more upstairs”, so for a second I thought “thank goodness, a third level” Denied.  It was just the same sign from downstairs being shown on all monitors.

I’ve always loved the wood shows.  I can’t wait each year for the show to be on again.  This year, I’m still waiting.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Stu

    Looked for you at the show but alas. Thought it was a better venue than Jeff’s shed on the grounds you could have a conversation with someone without yelling over the echoing of power tools. Much better range of wood on offer although being greedy I would say, more blanks for turning would be awesome but I’m guessing some might have gone to Phillip Island.

    Negatives, price of admission to what was basically a shopping trip, very few displays and only one stage for presentations was disappointing. Would be great to have timetabled demos and talks on a bigger range of woodworking topics for the ticket price. Would also be nice to have some smaller craft shops present. Tool Kings, Carbatec and Timbecon had a lot of space (which I’m sure they paid for) would have been nice to see some more specialists getting a chance but wonder if that is now lacking in Australia.

    Really bad that it happened on the same weekend as the turning event in Phillip Island, hope they fix that for next year but a good event. Came home with a swag of gear and enough projects to last me till the next big event, Turnfest.


    • Hi Iain
      Sorry I missed you. Sadly, there wasn’t enough there to justify a return trip. Normally I can’t get around the whole show in 3 days – way too much to look at, discuss, socialise with fellow woodworkers etc. This show, it was all over way too quickly.

  2. I agree. It is getting worse each year.

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