Vac in a bucket

Take 2

With the vac stuffed unceremoniously into a rubbish bin, with acoustic absorbing material all round. Sides, base and top.

A gap at the back for the motor cooling air to escape, and the silencer sticking out the top, new measured sound level: 79dB

Likelihood of the vac dying prematurely due to overheating? Probably now at 85%!

But at least it is quieter!

4 Responses

  1. Perhaps the vac may be safe, aren’t vacs cooled by the vacuum air?

    • That’s what I’m hoping – I couldn’t find any inlet. After a long run this afternoon, although the exhaust air was quite warm, it stayed at a consistent temperature so it might be ok.

      I’ll say one thing – the drop in noise level is a VERY welcome improvement! I could hear the CNC router again for one, and it is pretty quiet.

  2. After all that.. noise is still 79dB… That vacuum must be absolutely screaming… What was the original noise level???

    • Yup – cheap n nasty. ShopVac brand.

      86.5dB @1m

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