Not even a buck

Was at a school trivia night last night- fundraiser for my daughter’s school.

Along with the other activities, there was a silent auction.  This is where you can write down on a sheet your name, and the amount you are bidding, so long (like any auction) it is more than the bid previous.

Some items have a reserve, some don’t.

Thought I’d help, and made a velociraptor to be a part of the auction. No reserve, and 100% of the bid amount for the school coffers.

It is one of the anatomically correct dinosaurs from and looks awesome. I made him to look impressive, and is 1.3m from nose to tail.

Despite all that, not one bid.  Not even $1.

So I’m left a little confused. I had offered to set up a stall at the school’s fete to raise some more for them, but now I am quite unsure if the effort would be worth it, in the investment of my time & money.

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  1. Hey Stu,

    I wonder if the reason no one bid is that it is similar in appearance to one of those kits you can get from a museum, only larger.

    I suspect that had it been a carved replica of a raptor, it likely would have fetched quite a sum.

    People. They have no imagination.

    • I did think that, but those do sell, and this is way more detailed. And it could have gone for $1, so not like price was a factor

  2. Size might also be a factor. I think it looks cool but would have nowhere to put it in the house.

    • I did wonder about that too. My wife certainly thought so. On the other hand does that mean I am the only person that thinks a large dinosaur is too cool not to have?

      Oh well, not my loss. I’d make them even bigger for myself if my machine had the capacity.

      I’m going to make an aluminum that size for myself- thinking about TIG welding it up, but won’t bother selling any- their value and the work involved wouldn’t be properly appreciated.

      • Stu ,
        Size and having somewhere to put it is my guess

  3. Definitely size.. that size is not everyone’s cup of tea.. Although personally I would love to have something like that..
    Also the idea would be to offer them in disassembled form so both kids and parent have something to do.. Unfortunately that might require some pictorial instruction manual… Assembling it might be educational tool.. especially if it is anatomically correct and has main bones in the right spot and size…
    Having it assembled removes all that puzzle type joy kids might enjoy doing …

    • The kits I have been preparing for the fête are all small, and still in kits (with instructions). So ticking all those boxes.

      Still, some are more fun in their final form than having to endure the pain of assembly.

  4. I have been done the same road Stue, I had been doing woodworking and craft activity for a small local school for about 8 years some local business would donate all timber off cuts and I would donate many hours getting it ready. got a lot of enjoyment out of it and around $1000. profit each year for the school ( was the schools single larges profitable store). then I was asked to make ready made kits to teach the kids woodworking on the day or they could take it home. this ended up with me having to pay for material (pine etc) and of course many more hours, plus now having to paying for a store spot. The kits were costing me $12.35 to make including everything. they looked really nice when finished, kids loved doing them. but I found the cost to put it all together was way more than the return.

    • That’s a shame too David – hope you were able to return to your winning formula – sure the school really appreciated the cash influx (and the effort to get it).

      Question for you, given your involvement in the same: those models that you see in the background of the photo, if they were in kit form (which is what I have been doing), how much do you think I should ask for? I need to cover the (minimal) cost of materials, profit for the school, yet not ask too much to discourage sales.

  5. Hi Stu. I’ll buy it for $30 and I’ll pay/cover postage/ freight and packaging. 3820 post code.

    • Hi Ian, That’s good of you to offer, my friend. With this one being assembled, there is just no way to post it and to have it arrive intact.

      However, I’d be more than happy to cut another one out for you so it can be sent flat (with assembly instructions).

      Let me know if you’d be interested in that. You’d not be restricted to that one design- I could do any of those anatomically correct dinosaurs for you.

      In any case, I appreciate your kind offer!


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