Noise Control

Used the vacuum table for a small job again tonight- certainly does do a good job.  Holding down the smallest parts isn’t as guaranteed, expect shifting to a downcut bit will help that somewhat.

The one thing that is bugging me, is the noise of the vacuum itself.  The Shopvac I am using for the table is exceptionally noisy, which doesn’t help.

Does anyone have any experience with vac tables, that could suggest a better alternative?

Would a vac pump draw as much (if not more) than a domestic vacuum cleaner?  How do they handle dust from the job? What other alternatives are out there?

Hoping someone can provide suggestions!

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  1. could try a ventury valve set up comming from your compressor, same as what I use for a vacuum bag for gluing up veneers etc. can buy a kit from USA and make your own relatively cheap from I think it was “Joe woodwork” also have great selection of veneering supplies. A quick look on google should sort you out. I have made the kit by the way and it works great for me.

    • Re my last comment on Venturi valves. The noise with this set up is minimal if you have no air leaks or minimal air lose, compressor only cut in intermittently when pressure drops bellow the set bars. for my set up that might be only every hour or two for just a moment till it is up to pressure again. hope this is of help.

      • Hi David
        For a system with minimal leaks (such as veneering), that is certainly a good option. Where there are significant air leaks (such as when drawing a vacuum to hold porous material (and material that becomes more porous, such as when each component is cut), how well would a venturi vacuum pump keep up?

        I found when using vac clamps for example (which also work using a venturi system) that the air compressor cut in very regularly, and that was when clamping non porous material. I think the pump needs to be one that draws a vacuum only when it drops below a certain point, rather than one that needs to operate continuously (if that is even possible when holding porous material).

        I was looking at Joe Woodworkers stuff from your prompt – he still seems to run either a full blown vacuum pump to drive his setup, or a commercial venturi vacuum pump. Be interested to know where that can be sourced down under!

        • Problem with porosity is un-none until tried, then adjusting the balance if possible.
          My system only cut in when it drops bellow a certain point as it also has its own small air tanks before relying on the compressor “minimizing the constant cut in and out of compressor.
          I have the same vac clamps you mentioned and have had the same problems and once the rubber seal is damaged they don’t work at all, even no it is a simple fix.
          most of the parts you can get from local tool shop or hardware but the venturi valve I got from the website mentioned and I think a couple of other fitting only because it was cheaper bringing it in from USA with postage added than to buy local (go figure). That may have changes in the past 5 years don’t know.
          best of luck with it look forward so seeing your solution.
          p.s hope your hand is ok.
          Makes me think more seriously about getting the saw stop technology in to my workshop.

  2. Depending on the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner you could try a muffler to reduce noise. There are a few vids on youtube that could help. A speed control to slow the vac down may also help.

    • Interesting idea – hadn’t thought of a muffler – be interesting to try at least.

      Don’t think I’d want to slow the vac down much, if at all – can’t afford to loose much performance in the vacuum table.

      • There are a few baffle boxes you can have a look at too, some look like they are quite effective in reducing the amount of noise.

  3. couple of cnc machines at work use couple of different solution.. one is a turbine type (used on CNC fabric cutting) .. designed to hold the fabric in place.. has abut 400 kg per inch of holding power.. but it is very noisy…
    The 5 axis CNC machine uses vacuum pump.. very silent but it only uses about 12 suction cups.. (so no flat bad like yours)
    And the third one is a flat bad 3 axis cnc.. It is using quite large vacuum pump… but generates enormous pressure.. Noise levels.. bit louder than a standard shopvac…

    SO your best solution would be to box it with enough holes for some ventilation to prevent overheating…

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