Thank you!

I’ve been really surprised & touched by all the messages of support from everyone, so just wanted to say a genuine thank you to you all.

Spoke with the microsurgeon (plastic surgeon) last night before I was discharged from hospital.  I managed to miss pretty much everything that was critical (missed the tendon, didn’t impact the bone), and only partially cut through a nerve in my little finger – what he regarded was the best possible scenario (based on what happened and the symptoms I presented with obviously).

Amazing what is possible these days – being able to even repair severed nerves.  So thanks here to the surgical team as well.

I’ve got an open cast on the arm that is to (strongly) discourage me from putting any load on the finger so as not to tear the microsutures in the nerve and blood vessel, which will be on for about 3 weeks.  The op was done under a general anesthetic, and additional block put into the hand, so the finger is only just starting to wake up now.  I’m sure it will be wanting to have a bit of a conversation with me when it does.

So thank you again to everyone for your thoughts and comments.  I’m sure some have just read it and gone “well you’re a bloody idiot”, and hey, I totally agree with that position as well (in fact that is the camp in which I firmly sit – stupid, careless, and definitely should have known better).

Our choice of pastime has some risks.  However these can be fully managed to keep us safely enjoying our passion, if we ensure we do things the right way, with the right tools, and most importantly, with the right safety equipment and processes.  This has been a bit of a reminder to me obviously.  
The normal programming will resume shortly.  I have another video in the can to edit, and a second on the way.  The next issue of The Shed mag is finished apparently, with my substantial article on the Sopwith Camel toy build, so I need to start the next project asap. (Any suggestions?)

Got a bunch of tools and a few machines that I really need to sell – taking up valuable real estate.  Some Triton gear, and my TS10L tablesaw is still around.  If anyone want to put in an offer, I’d strongly consider it before going to the open market.

Some new tools to talk about, and as always, whatever I’m up to in the shed.  Never enough hours in the day!

2 Responses

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself Stu, sometimes these things happen to remind us to maintain our focus when we’re doing our ‘stuff’.
    That being said, thank you for your sacrifice (to remind the rest of us to be careful) and I glad the prognosis is positive.
    Take care and recover soon my friend. 🙂

  2. All you need is a split second.. Many of us went down the same path and have scars to show.. Some have done big long term damage… Due to similar issue I’ve ended up doing some damage to my thumb.. I was fortunate that I haven’t done any major damage but few years later my thumb still reminds me of what I’ve done to it…
    As long as you’ve learned from it all is good.. My mishap pushed me to take safety more serious and actually spend more time making sure my digits (and other parts )are safe rather than trying to finish job as quickly as possible…
    Now things for you to do during this forced down time…
    CNC programming
    perhaps try making your own templates.. CNC inlay thing (like butterfly you’ve made with the router)
    Tool maintenance / alignment
    Or how about some tips and stuff you’ve picked up while doing your project
    Anyway wishing you speedy recovery and looking forward for the latest blog.
    Also.. tools for sale… hmmm… 🙂 what’s on offer?? I’m always on the lookout for more tools..:)

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