The hidden cost of safety

Safety costs money.  It costs for equipment, it costs time in having to do things the right way, not the fast way.

So as I sit here in the emergency department, waiting to be admitted for plastic surgery to repair a severed nerve in my finger, I wonder, just how much does safety cost?

No photos- no one needs to see that (not that it is particularly impressive).  It was a simple loss of concentration, turning a cut the wrong way and a slip with a carving knife.  And I hadn’t gone and put on the kevlar glove that I do have somewhere in the shed.

See, I’d already spent the money, so it is the cost of laziness.  

The price?  Well in the long term, it will probably be a full recovery, if not, then my little finger will remain numb on one side.  So the cost so far is the difference in time getting and wearing the glve, vs the 10 hours spent sitting around so far in the hospital system.  Not to mention worrying family & friends.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Out of surgery now – microsurgery to repair the nerve and whatever other damage I had done.  Stupid way to waste a day.

7 Responses

  1. Hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

  2. Good luck on a quick recovery.

    • All the stress about power tools and it’s the hand tools that get you.

      • Know what I’m doing with power tools!!!

        • At least I had the good sense to get bit by a triton.

  3. Must be the day for it, Stuart. I’m nursing two squashed little fingers after cutting unsupported wood on the bandsaw. Maloof did it!

    Hope you recover quickly.

  4. Good luck with the recovery. And careful with the bandsaw, me and three others in one afternoon at Maitland, NSW.

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