Thought I’d achieve more over the weekend, but success was more elusive than I would have hoped.

We have plenty of these days – things not working out as well as you’d like.  But does that mean they didn’t work out as well as they could reasonably be expected to?  Probably not.  If everything worked out perfectly every time, we wouldn’t learn much, nor be able to judge our progress over time.

Perhaps it means the expectations and aspirations are getting ahead of experience, so failures are more of a surprise than they should be.  Or it could be seen that what is being attempted is closer to the edge of knowledge, so failure is always an option.

So what was the real outcome from the weekend?  I got to make some things, some worked, some didn’t.  But more importantly, did I learn something?  Did I extend my capabilities?  I think so, so long as I remember the lessons!

I was making some extra coin trays for my storage unit on the CNC.  Never calculate tired!  I made a few errors, which meant that I needed to remount some of the trays made to increase hole diameter.  This kind of worked, but two of the trays got damaged in the process through silly, or strange errors.

I am really not convinced that Windows is a good platform for tool control.  When it needs updating, things go haywire in the control software.  I really wish there was a Mac equivalent to Vectric.  And a Mac version of Mach3.

I also did a bit of work finishing off a wall in the house which I made last weekend.  On the plastering stage – not a skill I have had a lot of experience with (which is a bit obvious).  Few layers, some sanding, and a layer or two of paint should disguise any incompetence! (Hopefully).

As much as we’d like to be an expert at everything (and I am always particularly hard on myself to achieve perfection), I really need to take a step back and accept that an adequate or reasonable job is more than good enough.  And failure is not only always an option, but it is to be expected.  The trick is how to recover from it – either by coming up with a way of modifying or disguising, or in some cases just accepting that a remake is just how it needs to be.

So long as we are still having fun!

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