Episode 115 – background

There’s been a huge amount of work producing the latest episode.

Multiple cameras (6!!), mics, lights, and a huge number of edits to produce the final show.  A couple of weeks of shooting and editing, rather than my normal “shoot one day, edit the next”

While it is not perfect (at least I can see all the faults, like anyone can with their own project, be that a video, or something they’ve made in the shed), hope you like it!

Been a big reason for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks.  Glad it is finished!!

2 Responses

  1. Hey Stu when you film with a DSLR how long can you record for before it gets too hot and how long a break does it need to cool down?

    • Hi Jack,
      My previous DSLR could manage about 5 minutes before shutting down completely. Highly unsatisfactory.

      The A77mk2 seems quite a different animal. I haven’t tested how long it can record video before overheating, but I was getting 10+ minutes without an issue. I haven’t tried it to see how long it can go yet.

      My fist attempts with the A55 put me off using the DSLR as a primary video camera, so that is why I got the Canon HFG30 last year, to work alongside my HFS20. The A77 for additional video is a bonus.

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