1st World Problem

I bet it has never crossed your mind, but how often have you used a tape measure, picked up your pencil (or marking knife), and had to make a mark at a point by reading the numbers upside down?  (Unless you are left-handed).

Why?  Because tape measures are made with the expectation you would use your right hand to hook the tape on, then to extend it. That’s great, but when you go to mark it, you need to swap hands to hold the pen, and so you run the tape out again with your left hand…..and now the numbers are upside down!

And this situation seems to be accepted time and again, without comment, or solution.  Until now.

The R1 tape measure.  Designed for left-handed use, so you are free to mark lines against numbers on the tape that are the right way up.

Pretty simple concept really.  Just have to wonder what took so long for someone to come up with it.

Perhaps it is just another tape measure.  But the simple way to check is to go pick up any of your current tape measures, and see just how you use it when marking up a piece of timber.  Are the numbers the right way up?  If not, do you want them to be?


If you do, click here to source the solution (from PWS)

One Response

  1. Not sure that tape measure solves the problem, as it just reverses the orientation. My favourite is Lufkin’s Multiread tapes, which have both left and right handed scales plus a centre scale that includes the tape case for inside measures. A good Aussie made product too.

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