On a mission

Sent the CNC router off on a bit of a job today, didn’t realise it was going to turn into such a mission!  

After a 4 hour roughing pass (which should have been a really big clue), I then gave the CNC the finishing pass program for a project I am currently working on.  Let’s just say that the rendering program isn’t very good at its time estimates. It thought about 9 hours would be about right.

In practice, the CNC has now been working for a solid 12 hours, has processed 1/2 a million lines of code (GCode, ie the instructions for where to go next in three dimensional space), and still has about 25% of the project to go!

Does go to show just what sort of workhorse the Torque CNC is!  

I’m sure that I could have made the job quicker if I had refined it better- learning curves and all that.

There has been one hiccup, and it is not the fault of the CNC, or the router bit.  Having the workpiece restrained to the table for such a long time, through the heat of the day, it tried to expand.  And couldn’t.  So it bowed a bit on one side, causing the router bit to dig deeper than it should, and has created a bit of a groove.

Fortunately I caught it pretty early on, and was able to fix the bowing so it could go back to cutting to the right depth.  Now. I just have to figure out how to fix the groove, or disguise it.  Learning curves!

You do waste a lot of time with a CNC- damn thing is mesmorising!  So cool.

The current job is one where I am amalgamating the CNC routered work with other components- using the CNC as one of the workshop tools, rather than a means to an end. Opens up all sorts of possibilities.

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