Celtic Knot

I’ve been working on becoming more familiar with Vectric Aspire, which is used to both create objects (including three dimensional ones), and turn existing designs into the code required for the CNC machine.

In this case, I wanted to work out how to make a celtic knot design.

3To start, I have defined a sheet of material 600x900x16mm.

Next, under “Gadgets” there is an option for a “Celtic Weave Creator”

4This creates a vector that can then be used to generate the 3D pattern.

5I have also placed a border around the outside.

Next, under the Modeling tag (the 3D section), click on the extrusion tool.

7By using the existing selection, and a small curve vector (not shown), the 3D object is created.

8It shows starting points, paths and how the paths are dealt with when they overlap.

10By first choosing the 3D Roughing Toolpath and a larger bit to waste away as much material as possible,

11 then the 3D Finishing Toolpath with a ZrN tapered ball carving bit for a final pass.

FWIW, I am slowly entering the CNC router bits I have into the Tool Database.  No point having tools in there that I don’t have.  I’ve been including the router bit number (all being Amana Tool CNC router bits) so I can reference back to the Toolstoday.com website to confirm spindle and feed rates, especially for different materials.

13Finally, with the path calculated, the simulator is run to see what the program predicts the outcome will be.

14Looks pretty good!  I wasn’t going for anything particularly artistic, or complicated here – just learning the basics. All very interesting stuff.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Stu,
    I have been playing around with these as well. I am having a problem cutting them out however. All of the pockets are being left in so you end up with the weaves being cut into the material but the wood between the weaves is being left there which makes it look bad.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Cancel that … I figured it out…

    • Glad to hear it! Is a clever little applet that has been included in the program

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