Bunnings + Masters

Still = customer fail

Tried to buy some 2400x1200x16mm MDF.

Bunnings: we don’t sell MDF in this store.

Masters: we don’t sell large sheets of thick MDF in Masters. You can only get it 600mm wide. What about 12mm thick?

Even with both these companies pissing in each other’s sandboxes, service is the same as ever (if not ever worse). You’d think it would be the best time for the customer as they vie for our attention (and almighty dollar)

12 Responses

  1. It’s got nothing to do with customer service – it’s supply and demand. If no one is buying it, there’s no point in utilising valuable retail space to stock it. Maybe try Mitre 10.

    • Guess my expectations about the demand on doors or ply vs MDF (for example) must be way off (for Bunnings), and noone needs sheets of 16mm MDF wider than 600mm? Understand what you are saying, my point is with so much square meterage dedicated to all things hardware and the like across the two stores, that the customer shouldn’t want for anything. But that is not the case.

      • Mate…. I fully agree with you. Just try and get hold of 19mm MDF or Ply these days! Unfortunately, places like Bunnings and now Masters, tend to cater less and less to the “handyman” and more to those who want to buy a lawnmower or a hose. Better margins!

        • Wouldn’t even dream of getting 19mm there any more – that would be even better for the bed of the CNC. Oh well, too late in the day now to worry. Will shop around during the week and hopefully find a source.

          • Give these guys a go…. they’ll have what you need: http://www.plyco.com.au.

            These days it’s rare for me to set foot in Bunnings – unless I need a powerboard or a garden hose!! Can pretty much get everything online for better quality and a better price. The only good thing I can say about them is that they’re convenient.

  2. So Bunnings don’t sell MDF hey? Could have fooled me with the entire aisle of it! Let along their entire skirting board section…

    Customer service is few and far between these days, only one Masters in Adelaide so far, and I’d pass 3 Bunnings and 2 Mitre 10’s to get there so haven’t really bothered to suss it out yet.

    • Not in the Bunnings near me. They have a whole section of doors, and ply, but no MDF. Store isn’t big enough, but apparently doors are in hot demand.

  3. Went to Bunnings last week and there was no 900 mm wide fly screen so I asked the nice girl if she could grab a new roll and she said sorry, no can do. They are stock taking next week and aren’t replenishing anything til they have done the stocktake. They pretty much would prefer to run stuff down, sell less and sent customers away empty handed so they don’t have as much to count. Funny business strategy really.

  4. Thats funny my Altona North Bunnies has heaps of MDF I buy it all the time.

  5. Bunnings in Adelaide also stocks a wide variety of mdf and other materials and thicknesses.they certainly have your 1200x2400x16.

  6. Generally Bunnings will sell MDF but in saying that it all depends of the store manager. Best example was, one Bunnings (as well as many others) was selling nuts in both metric and imperial, while the one I went to which was on my way and by the way brand new.. (was opened maybe few weeks prior) was stocking only imperial. No metric to be found anywhere.. When I asked staff member, the explanation was.” the store manager has decided that we don’t need metric and as such did not allocate any space nor order any” … go figure… and that is just basic nuts…
    With MDF… Their general policy is.. they will sell MDF but not cut it in house due to formaldehyde content.. The best part is that now you can source formaldehyde free MDF (known as E0 board) which means.. it is still MDF and it has no formaldehyde but they are still refusing to cut it…
    Go figure… I would agree with Stuart.. Customer service fail 😦

  7. And they wonder why more and more Aussies are flocking to online suppliers for their requirements AND then bemoaning the lost business. It’s bad enough that we have to pay unrealistically exorbitant prices for everything, without having to cop poor customer service, just to rub it in.
    We deserve much better!

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