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  1. I would buy it in a heart beat, just what I need for breaking down sheet board with my Festool track saw

  2. I would be interested in buy the product

  3. I’m interested in buying (and have been waiting since the launch of the original campaign :-))

  4. Hi Stu, already tried to buy it from the USA direct but the postage is prohibitive. So count me please Stu. 🙂

  5. I would be interested in purchasing the centipede

  6. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands onto one of these babies… would be perfect for the house reno… 🙂

    • Hey Stu,

      How many people do you have now for the Centipede ? So far it seems to be about 5 all up thats if you want one too.

      Perhaps if we get a few more punters on board we could do a quantity purchase and all pool in our money to get them, or you could get them in and we pay you? Either way I want one of the big ones for 8 x 4 sheets break down.


      STEVE INNES Interior Concept Designer

      35 Beach Street Seaholme Victoria 3018

      T: 03 9255 5957 M: 0418 807 808 E: steve@steveinnes.com.au


      • Quantites slowly building. I’m planning on expanding the expressions of interest to the Woodworking Forum as well, then seeing the best way forward (working directly with the company, or through a longer term arrangement such as demonstrating to one of the existing retailers that there is sufficient justification to become involved).

        Either way, I’m not looking for a profit margin for me here, nor do I need one as I already have one of each size (as can be seen in my video from about mid 2014). I would just like to see them available to the Australian market.

  7. Stu,

    I’d grab one. I already have a Walko, which is great, but this would brilliant give the portability.

  8. Yep I’d grab one would be handy as

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