Ripping Veneers

Had a bit of fun at the show, ripping thin veneers on the MiniMax bandsaw.

Was getting under 1mm slices easily (and consistently), around 0.8mm.

One setup got me a 0.6mm thick veneer, which I was pleased with, that is until I decided to push the boundary, and pulled off a 0.35mm veneer. You can clearly see light through the result! Surprisingly strong too, and flexible (funnily enough!)

And repeatable- it was not a fluke.



5 Responses

  1. Howdy Stu,

    Looked out for you at the show today but didn’t see you anywhere.

    Can cut veneers like that on my bandsaw mill if I was to spend some dollars on a dedicated blade for slicing the thin stuff


    • Stu

      I always feel frustrated watching machines demonstrated using timber sizes that would only have an application to box makers. Most furniture makers if not all would be looking for veneers of at least 250mm wide and 1800 long. This is a lot different to cutting veneers
      for a 100mm wide by 600 long


      • True, but it was the timber I had to work with. When on a 3mx3m stand, it doesn’t leave a lot of capacity to demonstrate an operation that would need 4-5m in total.
        Perhaps next time – I’ll see if they can’t get a larger area, and a bigger lump of timer to work with.

        The technique also changes – not something you can do with a basic handheld setup. The saw itself in this case has a resaw capacity of 500mm, so 250mm wide is not going to cause it grief!

  2. Hi Stu
    What blade was on the saw?


    • Lenox TCT – about 1TPI and 1″ wide. From Henry Bros.

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