Go North, RR, Go North

One day, not that long ago in the scheme of things, the Roving Reporter packed up the shed (and everything else), and headed north, to sunnier climes.

After suffering through the pain of shed withdrawal, a new one made an appearance.











And so another shed begins the journey to be set up with woodworking in mind.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Stu, do you have any thoughts on the amount/number of windows/doors in a woodworking shed? I’m thinking about how much natural light one needs for cutting accurately, sanding and finishing. Cheers, John

    • Hi John, if you are not concerned about insulation (or security), the more the merrier to a degree.

      Keep in mind that windows decrease the amount of wall storage that is available.

      And as hinted at, windows (and skylights) compromise security to a degree, and the shed insulation significantly.

      My shed has 1 window, and I’ve placed insulation over that at times too (not counting the two small mezzanine windows).

      I find the amount of heat pouring in through the (closed) roller door depressing- am going to have to work out how to insulate it better.

  2. Now that I’m in QLD,you know ,great one day perfect the next, I placed the window and the doors to take advantage of the sea breezes we get in the afternoon. I have insulation in the ceiling . I have a lot of wall space and intend to use all of it.This shed is 6m square and the openings give me plenty of light during the day for general work, but I will have dedicated light for the lathes. I have 1 double flouro in the middle at the moment, and I think I will be able to get great light for nighttime by installing a double flouro in each 1/4 …..
    Hope this helps
    Roving Reporter

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