Every man for himself

The latest example- Lowes was sued (and has settled) for selling 2x4s that were not 2×4. Every possible way that an individual can see a way to get an advantage, and damn the consequences.

In this case, there is a fundamental flaw in the prosecution’s argument that was ignored. That building a structure is a precise process! And where a 2×4 actually gets its dimensions from.

Sadly, Lowes settled.

Other examples include SawStop fighting other manufacturers using legislation to try to force them to adopt the equivalent of SawStop’s flesh detection invention, or for “allegedly” actively conspiring against SawStop.

An individual suing a saw manufacturer after cutting himself- the saw manufacturer “should have” flesh detecting capability. Like buying a car without an airbag, then suing the car manufacturer for not providing something when said person’s face meets the steering wheel in a car accident.

I’m sure there are plenty of other examples, but I despair a little more each time I see another.

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  1. Sadly you are right stu. It is just greedy godless people doing what comes naturally. I am an executor of a deceased estate where one group wants 100% of the estate even though the lawyers will get most of it if they insist on the others getting nothing.

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