Making a start

Ever find it difficult to take that first step to getting a project underway?

I really want to build the Hummer, but have been procrastinating about kicking it off.

So I got the plans out again last night for another read-through, and to work out how I’m going to tackle it. Once I make the first cut we’ll be away.

So I just have to get thoughts of the cold shed, the articles I need to write, the videos I need to shoot, and the shed organisation all put aside (all the start-avoidance behaviour), and get into it!


5 Responses

  1. Lunch this week?????

    • Sounds good to me! Given me a ring and we will set up a time.

  2. You wont notice the cold once you start cutting. Get into it!

  3. Stu, Having trouble staring? Perfect extension of your CNC. I have imported the Hummer plans into Sketchup. I then use SU to “design” laser cut routing templates. The laser burning and cut depth is a limit (at least for me), however, it would be an ideal project to put the CNC through it’s paces and get your creative juices flowing. I believe there is a documented procedure to get SU .SKP files into CNC processable format, If you want a copy of the SU file we could somehow arrange it. Unfurtunately the detail I used made the file about 53MB, which is a tad too large to email.

    • The thought had definitely crossed my mind, but not to the extent that I had done anything about it, so that you have already done that step is very interesting indeed!

      Will email you offline.

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