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  1. HAHA me too!

  2. What about the one for the hole with the broken tap jammed in it?

    • Hi John… I guess that was due to problem with the wall not the tap?

    • Sure you can come up with something! One of these days, you could turn that amazing CNC lathe of yours to the production of some of these? Could almost become a cottage industry, either selling posters of the various options, or an “in case of emergency, break glass” style wall fixture, or just selling bags of the various solutions!

      • I now have an amazing CNC milling machine!!
        Waiting for a crane to lift the 2.8tonnes off the truck so I can fire it up!!
        (hope it works)

        • Lucky bugger!! Very envious. Think I need to pay a visit again.

          • I will let you know when I have it installed and running, and I can drive it.

  3. I recon the Un Zud navel gazing hands had too much free naval time on their hands!!!
    lol. Brilliant. Bring it out on one april stu.

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