Infinity is here again

According to Nova Woodworking (US), the Infinity system is available once again.

So good news, although I haven’t been able to determine just when it will be down under. It is a great system, and worth the wait, just so long as we know how long that wait is.

As soon as I can get an answer on that, I will let you know

2 Responses

  1. Sorry Stu, but after waiting for nearly 12 months for the Infinity, I had to post a negative reply.

    Got sick of waiting for availability in Australia, I purchased a set of upgrade jaw slides (including several retro fit kits) from Amazon USA. Was very disappointed… Two of the jaws would not fit my Supernova2, however, Amazon were very rapid and obliging in offering a replacement set with them covering the shipment of the replacement and the return. While waiting for replacement before sending the “faulty” set back I tried them on the a Nova Precision Midi Chuck and they actually fit (maybe some toleration issues with my Supernova). However, I was very disappointed with the changing and mounting between different sets of jaws. Primarily I had to open the chuck jaws fully before I could insert/replace new jaws and that replacement operation was cumbersome (though much quicker than the screws). Furthermore the profile of the jaws have changed significantly because of the bulk of the adapter making the Midi looking more like a “maxi”.

    In comparison with my Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck they are chalk and cheese. The EWT jaws can be changed whether the jaws are fully open or closed. A press with the tool and the jaw just pops out. No twisting or pulling and insertion is even easier. Furthermore the EWT has a quick open/close collar that can very quickly change the jaw opening and the key only has to be used for the final 180 degree turn (of the key).

    If you already have a old nova chuck these are certainly a worthwhile upgrade for ease of jaw changing. However, if you are after a new chuck and can afford the additional $120US it is a no brainer. If you can, I do recommend giving the EWT chuck a trial… you will be very impressed.

    • Nothing to be sorry about- your experience is just as valid. I still haven’t received my replacements from the original recalled batch, so cannot comment on the tolerances of the new stock.

      Not sure what the holdup is – will have to ask (again).

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