Belt Sanding

Many years ago now, I got the Black and Decker “Power File”. That may be one name for it, but it really is a very narrow belt sander.

20140425-221954.jpg (Mine predates the cyclonic dust collection).

There are also air-powered versions, and Fein have one as well, if you are looking for an upmarket brand


Seems the concept is widening, and it may be that I just haven’t seen them before. Again, not called a belt sander, but there is this version by WorkSharp for shaping knives


And this version from Fein for pipe polishing. Never knew pipe polishing was taken so seriously!! Metabo have a version as well.


I’m sure there are applications to woodworking- anyone seen or used one of these in the workshop?

3 Responses

  1. So I learned on Amazon they are called “pipe polishers” and I needed one on a recent project and had to make do with something else. Has that look like “when you need it, nothing else will do.”

    • Looks like the sort of thing that Festool love making as well.

  2. My guess is you need a pipe polisher because it is hard to weld/solder an oxidised pipe, need to clean it back to nice clean copper first.

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