Sorry John & Peter

I have, once again, successfully qualified for the worst welding of the year award. I do so each time with a massive grin on the dial- I may be a shite welder, but I really enjoy it anyway!

Welding is an artform and it takes finesse and dexterity to wield the MMAW holder and electrode as an artist. My welding is like a 5 year old picking up a paintbrush, with all the concentration a 5 year old can apply to a really important task, load the paintbrush with paint, then headbutt the page instead. But I still love it!

So what possible disaster inspired all this? Fitting some more of the green shelving in, and this time under the Torque Workcentre.

I had 2 uprights, but needed a third. After cutting the two down to fit under the TWC, I used the offcuts to fabricate a third. The base being welded to the upright. It may be shockingly bad, but it still works (and a bit of green spray paint hid a lot of the crime scene).

And the result? Pretty cool!

(For those wondering, John & Peter are a couple of my uncles, Peter is a pretty skilled welder from memory, and John is a very talented metalworking artisan, currently making some very cool steam engines over on his blog John’s Machines)


6 Responses

  1. I put wheels on the rack under my torque it made it even more handy

  2. what … closeups

    • No chance!

  3. Stu,

    How do you move the TWC as look as if the shelving gets in the way of the undercarriage?


    Berwick Woodworkers Club

    • Not at all- I deliberately made the shelving height so the undercarriage clears it (would have made it impossible to use the X-direction on the TWC otherwise).

      I rarely, if ever move the TWC from its position, but I could if I wanted, even with the shelving underneath.

  4. an angle grinder and can of paint are essential items in the welder’s tool kit, to hide the mistakes. The only bad weld is the one which breaks. Thanks for the mention Stu. Small correction. My blog is

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