Gettin’ more organised

Assembled the second set of shelves, and started playing with the setup. Things started to make sense.

Took Marc (The Wood Whisperer)’s lead and reconsidered whether every Festool tool has to live in its systainer. Some do, some don’t.

Shelving looks a little like a shop fitout, and that is not a bad thing. Shop fitouts are designed to make good use of space, display things and make them accessible. And as I started using the shelving for some of the finishes (that have been buried in a cupboard) it made even more sense.

Finishes, glues




Lathe chucks & jaws


Sharpening station

Might do some more tweaking, but this is looking pretty functional as a starting point.

One Response

  1. Looks a great arrangement Stu. I’m the bloke whose shed and machines were crushed by a tree fall in January. Nearly up and going here again, with wall lining and insulation done today. Insurance is great, but slow. In your pics, I thought I caught a glimpse of one edge of a CarbaTec wide drum sander. If I’m right, how do you ever manage to easily change the roll of abrasive in it ? Mine seems near on impossible. Any tips ? Cheers, Don.

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