It’s not easy, being green

Nor is coming up with a storage solution for the shed. So when some unwanted library shelving became available, it was a good fit, at least in the interim, despite colour!

The colour isn’t as shocking in person either- very similar to Torque Workcentre green, even closer to Festool green.


So after moving it into the workshop, thought I’d see how easy it was to assemble (piece of cake)

Used it to replace some portable shelving (the wheels of which were close to collapsing under the strain). Has more height, and is much stronger. (Books are extremely heavy)

Configuration is NQR, but some tweaks will get it there.




3 Responses

  1. Good one Kermit.

  2. The colour of envy! BTW, what’s the workshop wall lining material? It looks like it has insulation properties and, having just completed a workshop extension myself, I’m looking for something a bit more effective than builders foil!

    • Hi Andy

      It is insulation. In this case, it is what was provided as part of the shed package. Kingspan AirCell. There is also Anticon from CSR Bradford that is worth looking at.

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