Dang – that is heavy

After having a bit of a look at what may be involved in getting some of the Redtongue up onto the mezzanine, including rigging up a bit of a system with ropes etc, I decided that it needed another approach.

Then noticed Dave’s comment from yesterday, and it is spot on.  Redtongue is bloody heavy!  Once it is up and in place it will be fine, good in fact.  It is going to be a mongrel getting it up there.  It also points to the fact that I am going to need to come up with a good system for lifting items to the mezzanine when it is in use.

I’ve also been looking at the lighting situation, and think I’ve come up with a reasonable layout to ensure good, even lighting of the ground floor.  It will involve using all 13 double-tube fittings on the ground floor.  6 in the main section, 4 in the left side wing, and 3 in the rear wing.

That won’t leave any for the mezzanine, but I have a couple of stainless steel fans with lights available.  Not sure whether to use those on the ceiling of the ground floor (perhaps in place of 2 of the 6 in the main section), so I can use the fans down there, or to reserve them for the mezzanine, where they may be better appreciated (although less utilised).  Decisions, decisions.  Having both fluoros and fans, where the fan blades pass under the tubes is not an option – the resulting strobe effect is quite unpleasant.

So much to do, so little (available) time.

I had a look at the Gorilla Gripper – was hoping to buy it from Bunnings, but it was only being sold there as a promotional item, and is no longer available.  I had a bit of look online, and it turns out the importer is in Carrum Downs.  And they also have the Leg Up accessory as well, which has always looked like a great idea for handling sheet goods onto the tablesaw.

Looks like I will have to contact them and have a little chat!

8 Responses

  1. Deck construction for mezzanine? Reckon it’s worth considering hiring a forklift for safety and time saving


    Michael Downing

    • No way a forklift could get anything up there (let alone the cost involved unfortunately)

  2. Most of the American barns have a door up the top with a block and tackle hanging from it to lift items up.

    • Real ones perhaps, not these designed to look like one! I will have block & tackle inside the shed….once I find it!

  3. HI Stu

    Have you considered a sheet lifter like Gyprocker’s use to lift ceiling sheets, pretty sure that you can hire them, not sure if they will handle the weight of the Red Tounge but might be worth a look.

    • Genie lifter, small cost to hire from kennards. I use to lift sheet material upto 250kgs but 2 blokes can lift and slide up to your mezz no worries.

  4. My mezzanine is at 2400 and the sheets (same stuff) weren’t too bad to get up. Just lifted one end up on the flat and put it on the floor, then picked up the other end and slid it up past 50% and then let the front end down. If the floor covers the whole length of the shed you may have to take some of the floor purlins out to do it this way I was 65 when I did this so a strapping young bloke like you should have no trouble:)

    • It is what I did in the end, including removing a couple of purlins which were part of the problem.

      The other difficulty is my mezzanine is at 2800 – the extra 400 makes a big difference, both in the overall height of the lift, but also in getting the panel to reach the tipping point.

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