Stick out your tongue and say “ahh”

No, not one of those “health articles”, this is about flooring!

Never looked into it before (and still have only glanced at the whole topic), so I wasn’t aware there was more than just yellow tongue.

Turns out there is yellow, red and blue in the STRUCTAflor range, and other colours by other manufacturers (such as green, which the staff at the store said was inferior).


The stuff is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring. The tongue colour represents material thickness

o Yellow = 19mm
o Red = 22mm
o Blue = 25mm

They are wax impregnated throughout, so cutting the sheet doesn’t compromise the moisture resistance.

As I am going to use the mezzanine for storage, I’ve gone with the heavier red tongue. It cost a little more, but thanks to the ongoing head to head between Masters and Bunnings, the price was better than expected. Got 6 sheets of 3600×900 – should be enough.

Not exactly sure when I will install it, but wanted it here so I can potentially use it for a path to get machines from the garage to the shed, and so I can do some work up on the mezzanine, specifically power installation.

That is starting early on Tuesday morning, so I don’t have long to work out just what I need out there.

One Response

  1. Stu, red tongue is surprisingly heavy. That little extra thickness over the 19 mm is noticeable. Get a strong friend to help pass the sheets up. Try to cut to size before lifting. Also, very slippery whilst working with or transporting due to the wax. After installed it is not an issue.
    Shed is looking good.

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