So what did I do in the shed today?

Nothing much. Unless you count surfacing the floor that is!




It took almost 4 hours, and almost every bit of epoxy from 3 kits (I might have had about 1m2 of epoxy left, if that. Either I went with a heavy coat, or the surface was significantly more porous after the acid etch. Not a problem- either way (and most likely both), it will be a better finish because of it.

I might have been a bit heavy handed with the paint flakes, but it is personal preference- either would be a good option.

Tomorrow I will apply the glaze, which will seal the vinyl paint chips in, while finishing off the floor coating (and it will have some non-slip agent stirred through- provided in the Shield-crete kit).

Video coming- once glaze is added to the footage recorded. Oh, and note to self- the GoPro does not change exposure settings during a video, so if you start a time lapse early morning when it is quite dark, the resulting footage will be too overexposed by 11am!

I would have stopped recordings during camera moves, but a. I didn’t know this fact before now, and b. while applying the epoxy, my hands became so sticky with epoxy (and paint chips!), if I had touched it, the GoPro would have become a permanent fixture!

6 Responses

  1. I’d be very light with the non slip if at all.Too much makes more dust when you sweep. And you only need it in wet areas. Put a rug in front of the door to wipe your feet on when you come in.Seal it up and it will be a pleasure to clean it up.The broom will glide over the floor and not make dust,

    Great job so far – looks like a nice place to work.


    • It is an interesting point- the chips also sit proud of the epoxy surface, so that naturally provides grip as well. I was just walking out there, and there was no issue with it being slippery.

      Of course the glaze will make it more slippery, but then sawdust will do that too. I’ll still be using rubber mat in front of the machines too.

  2. Thats looking the goods Stu. Hmmm Better than Marcs?

    • It is pretty good! I got way too stressed about having coverage of the flake everywhere, and didn’t do a great job of dispersing the flakes as well as I’d have liked- a bit too much clumping.

      But it is what it is- you only get one bite of this cherry! The flake is only an addition- the real benefit is the impressive coating- almost like a thin layer of rubber on the floor.

  3. I wouldn’t bother with the non slip

    My shed has epoxy and i use the front portion as a wash bay and even when wet is not slippery. Non slip additive will just make it painful to keep clean.

    • I’ve just come in from applying the first glaze layer. I decided to put in the non-slip, using the following justifications:

      1. It follows the manufacturer’s directions, and if it is too slippery on the glaze layer, that is bad news around machinery.

      2. I am going to do a second coat, which will effectively completely cover the first layer and any non-slip in that one will be pretty ineffective, so I can assess how the non-slip is before making a final decision for the top layer.

      3. The top coat can have none, one, or two bags of non-slip. Two bags would be to manufacturer’s design for the area being coated, so the one (extra) bag I have used will demonstrate how effective 1/2 that concentration is.

      4. It really is a small bag, of a very fine powder- can’t see how it will make a lot of difference either way!!

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