Preparing for Shield-crete

Following on from the steps described yesterday in preparing the slab itself, I wanted to get the Deco-flakes ready, to ensure the coverage is as evenly distributed as possible.

I didn’t want to find myself going too lean at the start, and not being able to get as much coverage as would be possible, or to start too heavy and find myself running out at the other end.

The slab is already conveniently divided up into sections by the expansion joints, so I used this to calculate the area of each, and therefore what percentage of the slab each section is. There is one that is 25%, 2x 22% and 2×15%. No, that doesn’t come exactly to 100%, but I’m only throwing paint chips in the air!

Next, I took the content of 2 packets of flakes, plus a container of additional, and weighed it- came to 1600g.


Working that through means area 1 needs 400g, regions 2 & 3 needs 350g each and regions 4 & 5 needs 240g each.

Again, not quite 1600g, but close enough.

A light coating of flakes is 25% coverage, a good coating around 50%. Without calculating it exactly, I am around the 50% mark.



After separating the flakes out be weight into separate bags, labelled for each area, it was time to do a dry run.

I took a bag of one smaller region out to the shed, and doing the “throwing handfuls up in the air so it falls like snowflakes” technique, I got to a. practice! and b. see what the coverage looked like.


Not too bad- perhaps a little denser than I want, but close enough that I can judge it as I’m going, and I now know what a reasonable dispersion looks like.

That was all swept back up, rebadged, reweighed and topped up (about 15g lost- either not fully swept up, or now stuck on the wall ledges!)

So that is all ready for tomorrow morning.

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