Mmmmm Timber

Over at Ripponlea for a garden play of “Alice in Wonderland”, and while the kids are following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, had a closer look at the remains of a fallen tree.


So much timber! It looks like someone has been trying to do some slabbing, but without the right equipment. If only I had a Lucas Mill or Weekend Warrior or sim!

The tree has obviously fallen (at least partially) so it had to be cleaned up. Given its size, it had some age to it



Makes you wonder just how much timber is out there, wasted and lost (or perhaps worse- chipped or burned)

Fascinating to see the root structure (or lack thereof).


2 Responses

  1. what a waste ,i have spoken to tree removalists over the years and they are not interested in slabbing and storing unless it is exotic wood.Seems there is an opportunity waiting for someone.
    rgds brit.

  2. Hmm, tessellated old growth cypress!! Who ever quartered it has actually done a reasonable job, looks they know a bit about recovering the best timber from cypress.

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