Can it actually be true, that in 30 minutes or so, builders will be on site, and construction begin on the shed?

I am (almost) incredulous that construction will actually begin – it has been such a long journey.

The build will take about 7 – 8 days apparently – about twice as long as the original estimates provided, so it won’t be finished until around the 10th January given the interruption of Christmas.

With 3 construction days remaining this year, I am very keen to see just how much progress can happen in that time – expect it will really start looking like a shed very quickly!

6 Responses

  1. Post a picture of it daily.

  2. Hey Stu, if only 1/2 constructed, will you be able to keep your “paws- off” until 10 Jan? What if they return and construction is complete? lol

    • There is a real danger of that – I will have to resist!!!!

  3. Fantastic news, Stu. (Though I think you mean ‘incredible’, not ‘incredulous’. YOU are incredulous (can’t believe it) IT is incredible (can’t be believed). You probably believe it now! We all look forward to the next posts!

    • That makes more sense! I was incredulous, which is what I meant to say 🙂

  4. Hi Stu
    What’s happening??, I miss my daily check in for a couple of days and now I find shed construction is under way. I guess 2 days is a long time in the saga of the shed – apparently. I’m wrapped to see the progress, as I know how much it means to you, to get things going. I hope they get the shell up at least, so you can spend a bit of time visualising and getting a proper feel for your new “man cave”.
    Go F.D.S.

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