Its Official – No Shed for Xmas :(

Spoke with the builders today for the first time, and found out the real state of play as far as their progress.

Turns out it is quite different to what I previously understood, and where I was hoping and expecting (based on the timings I knew), for the shed to commence on or around Tuesday at the latest, it turns out that even if they had been able to start it then, it would have gone right to the wire.

What I now know is the builders won’t be able to commence until Thursday (and more likely Friday) next week.  There is now not enough time to have the shed finished for the Xmas break.  And because of the break, the work won’t be able to be finished until I am back at work in Jan.

It is a pretty disappointing development.

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  1. “It’s a pretty disappointing development.” mmmm… I admire your verbal restraint Stu!

  2. Bgggr

  3. 😦
    You need somewhere to escape to when family visit

  4. Hang in there. Once its up and running you’ll wonder what all the angst in these delays was about.

  5. On the bright side mate, It will give the slab more time to cure.


  6. So this company your dealing with are they aware of the readership you have? What were they called again ? Is this typical behavior of how to treat a client?

    • Yeah, I was wondering about the legal ramifications of naming (and shaming) the company? Could a commenter here name the company with less/no legal consequences? If the company got wind of this site they might put in a “special effort”… but at some other poor bgers expense?

      • There isn’t anything to be gained in doing so – the timing is a reflection of that industry.

        Unfortunately I am working closely with the brand -name company of the shed to produce a number of videos for them of the construction. The Christmas break was the time I was going to have to do a lot of the labour intensive filming and editing of those videos. Now that I won’t be able to start that until I am back at work, the time I have available will go from hours each day, to only a few hours each week, so the delivery dates for those videos is now right out the window, and there is nothing I can do about that.

  7. Stu I understand what you’re saying. I signed a contract on 13/7/13 and mine isn’t finished either. The slab is down the shed is on site but there is no movement of the shed going up. In hindsight I should have put a date in. You learn from your mistakes.

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