A step in the right direction

Had an unexpected visitor tonight – a 4×4 and trailer loaded with all the remaining items needed for the shed.  They store them until the installers are ready, so this is a very good sign!

The bolts, the PA doors, windows, and insulation.  And as coincidences go, the errant roller door turned up today as well, so it seems I have the makings of an entire shed now here.  Yeah, I know I had said it had arrived, but I knew the doors etc had been delivered, and would be bought here when it was time.

The rain is still playing absolute havoc with the timings – yet another very wet day today (I ‘think’ it is summer, but you really wouldn’t know it).  Tomorrow should see one shed finished, which just leaves the carport and mine, and the potential that they’d run both somewhat concurrently, so that may mean “any day now”.

I hope the thing is waterproof – going to need to be with the weather we are having these days!

3 Responses

  1. One day eh. I am wondering about summer here in Adelaide as well. Felt like Singapore yesterday.
    Good luck with the shed all things come to those who wait or something like it.

  2. Hi Stu
    Well the huon pine sacrifice & your nude rain dance don’t appear to have worked, so maybe I’ll just cross my fingers for you instead.
    I have a feeling, the boys from All Space Sheds might pull out a few extra stops, to help you out before Christmas, (Here’s hoping anyway).

    • Denied!

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