The slab becomes a reality

6am start, with the cement truck arriving at 7:30.  It may have been drizzling to start, but the day sure cleared up by the end.  Irrespective, a pump truck was used to get the 6.4 m3 of concrete on site. Made the job go very quickly.

So it is in and done.  The expansion joints will be added tomorrow (done by saw, rather than trowel).

It can be walked on tomorrow, and built upon in a week.  Given the shed is a week away on Monday, the timing was getting pretty tight in the end (although there will still have been a few days grace as the erectors won’t be on site the day the shed arrives!  I’ll soon be able to take delivery of the SawStop as well (finally!).

3 Responses

  1. Woohoo, think someone will be walking around with a big smile on his dial!!

  2. Looking good Stu, you must be happy?

    What sort of thickness is the slab, if you don’t mind me asking? Were you tempted to go thicker?

    • Happy- yes. Happier still when the shed finally arrives. Ecstatic when the shed goes up!

      Slab is 100mm, plus the footings. 100mm is plenty of thickness for this shed- the access is insufficient for a vehicle (other than a small boat or caravan or trailer), so the machinery will be the heaviest that it is subjected to, and 100mm is fine for anything I have, or could contemplate putting out there.

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