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  1. Bet you can almost taste it now, eh Stu?

    • (wiping off the drool) Yes, I think I really can. I find myself just walking around and around the area, visualising where each machine will go.

  2. WOW That is really big… How thick will your slab be ?

    • It will be 100mm thick, but each support post for the shed has a 300 diameter, 300mm deep footing (the holes you can see in the photo).

      Any post that is supporting the mezzanine (6 of them) has a 300mm diameter, 500mm deep footing, so that is some serious load bearing capacity.

  3. good to see progress. there maybe a problem with your latest video? as I am unable to see it, the previous one is there and viewable?

    • Hmm – just tried it on my work machine – same problem. Something has gone wrong. When I get home tonight I will re-render then re-upload the video, hopefully with more success!

      Thanks for the heads-up

  4. This is getting a bit like those radio serials ‘Blue Hills’ or ‘When a girl marries’ The first thing I do each day is to log on to see the next episode of “The Neverending Story’ 🙂

    • Each morning I get up and look out the kitchen window. For the last 6 months I have only seen the ghost of the shed that may be. Now, I can see progress, and it is all becoming very real.

      I’d been out there a few times with one of those ground spray cans, marking up the potential shed site. Now I can go out there and mark the potential tool locations!

      Where I was waiting weeks (even months) between steps of real progress on the project (and it was hard waiting from month to month, week to week), now I only have to wait a few days between each step, and they seem to be so much longer than the week and month-long steps!

      Like a kid waiting for Xmas – the months drift by, but the month of December absolutely crawls!

      Perhaps I should have created a Stu’s Shed advent calendar!

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