Powermatic & Carbatec

So as you would have gathered, tonight was the (re) launch of Powermatic in Australia by Carbatec.

That is how new tools should hit the market, not quietly sneaking in, but a good ol’ fashion launch. Good fun 🙂

Good to catch up with a friend of mine- Simon, who used to manage Carbatec Melbourne, and now CEO, Tony, Stewart and the gang who came in from Sydney, Brisbane, New Zealand and even one of the Powermatic engineers from Austria.

I haven’t talked about the machines at all, not sure how much point there is. They are the machines all others are compared to, and for good reason. Powerful, quiet, precision, the usual acronyms. This is actually the first time I’ve seen Powermatic machines actually running, and they really are fine (to coin a ’70s phrase). Marc (The Wood Whisperer) Spagnuolo’s Powermatic sponsored workshop is even more impressive than I realised. These are special machines

So Carbatec: guys, thanks for a great night, it was fun, and the catering was spot on too

Didn’t catch the catering name, but it all really added to the ambiance of the launch.

Although any of the tools would be spectacular to add to a shed setup, that Powermatic dust extractor with double pleated filters and 3hp of particularly quiet motor (remote started) would really work a treat in the new workshop. May be worth further consideration.

Look forward to the next product launch! Although you’ve set a pretty high standard here 🙂

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  1. The caterers were from Wok, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Thanks for all their hard work.

    • They did well – and it was a great addition to the evening’s programme!

    • Carol. The food at all 3 events was excellent.

  2. Hi Stu

    Went to AAW Woodturning Symposium at Tampa Florida recently and this Powermatic lathe jumped out and wanted to come home with me!!!


    • They have a habit of doing just that, especially that big bastard – the 4224B. What an awesome bit of kit!

      It is 3 phase, and has a converter onboard so it can run off single phase!

  3. Did they demonstrate the DP 2800B. I am interested in getting one of these. I’ve seen a dealer review but naturally these only show the pros not the cons

    • No drill press in sight – either at the demo or in the Powermatic catalog provided (or the latest Carbatec catalog either)

      • Stuart. I don’t think Carbatec will be running with the Powermatic drill press as they have the Jet which is a fine machine.

        • The same could be said for a number of other machines of theirs too of course. Does seem a bit strange to have one PM of each of the typical workshop machines, but not a drill press

  4. That’s a bummer, might have to go with Jet but the extra 50mm travel was the big incentive to get the Powermatic

    • Depends on when you really need it too – it is a little way away, but the Nova DVR Drillpress is coming…..

  5. I am sorry to say it Stu but the Wok, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels lady looks about as interested as my wife does when I drag her along tl Carbatec!

    • Why would you take your wife to Carbetec? that would be like taking a carton of stubbies to a free booze-up:)

    • I did catch her off guard before things kicked off. They were happy & engaged when things got underway, and cooked up a great bit of grub.

  6. Just checked a Teknatool DP demo on youtube, Awesome drill head with serious safety features, electronic depth gauge, no vibration, drill selection, the list goes on. If they come up with a stand to match it will kill the rest. I am definitely waiting for the release before buying one

    • I’ve been working a bit with them on a bunch of suggestions about what to consider for a woodworker’s drill press, rather than the typical metalworker’s design that we have to work with to date. I was looking for better table (& surface), better clamping, height adjustment etc etc. Why have such precision in the head if the stand and table is bog standard?

  7. Hi Stuart
    It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you in person and chat about our shared passion.
    It was also fun to get up close & personal with some of Powermatic’s finest and to see how the other half (Marc Spagnoulo?) live.
    For what it’s worth, I think you should treat yourself to that twin dust extractor setup for Christmas, as you’ve been a very good (& patient) feller this year.

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