And now, a Festool / Protool Clearance

When some people think of Festool (and Protool), they think of quality, and the German engineering. Others can only reflect on the cost.

A clearance sale has just started, which provides an opportunity to get some Festool / Protool at remarkable prices. They are listed on Ideal Tools‘ website

The best discount I can see is for a drywall screwdriver (one that can take an autofeed length of screws (magazine), but can have that attachment removed so it can be used as a more traditional driver). Originally $800, it is on sale for $200.

That includes 2 LiIon batteries (normally around $120 each), a charger ($100) and the screw magazine holder ($300)


Even if you just want the batteries, it is a good deal!

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it!

3 Responses

  1. Thanks Stu – picked up a bargain thanks to your blog!

    • Cool 🙂 What did you get?

      • I got the protool drywall screwdriver – I will have a need in the nearsighted future in my next reno and the price, in funky systainer, was too good to pass – and a festool track clamp for my hopefully Xmas present of a TS55 :-). Together, free shipping!

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