Day 2 is flying by!

No idea where this second day has gone, seen a Kiwi slabbing machine, destroyed a few blades with a SawStop, resawed some Huon Pine on a MiniMax bandsaw and had a good chat with 043 about cactus juice and blank stabilisation and it is already 2:30!

The Weekend Warrior is here from NZ, and consists of a large Al beam, along which runs a carriage with a chainsaw motor (or an induction motor) powered circular saw setup as a sawmill

It has a swing arm system, so you do one horizontal cut, then a vertical to create a board from a log, with a maximum 12″ width, and up to 6″thick






Talk about turning fallen timber into usable lumber!

Each component weighs around 40kg, so no real difficulty setting it up on location.

Had a quick peek at Joseph’s Workshop who offers CNC machining services


before my intended destination- Gabbett Machinery / I Wood Like’s stand where I wanted to try out the SawStop for myself. However, that will be the subject of another post (which includes the graphic description of the destruction of not one, but three blades……..)!!!

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