Slow progress at the show

In a good way! So far, it has taken 1 1/2 hours, and I’ve only seen about 4 stands! Too much too look at, talk about, play with.

Starting with and their new vacuum system for treating porous materials, impregnating them with “Cactus Juice”, which then can be hardened in a toaster oven. From there, you have a hard material to turn, cut, drill, sand, finish




Very interesting, and opens up a whole variety of materials you cannot otherwise work with.

Next over to Wood Craft Supplies, drooling over the Shelix cutters



And a good chat with Stephen who has come over from the US to demonstrate their Sand-Flee



Velcro securing system makes such easy work of grit changes (or allowing multiple grits simultaneously on the drum!) Simple and brilliant. Had my first play with one as well- yes- we need to have a much closer look at this machine.



So on we go, see what else I can find.

Gotta love the woodshow!

2 Responses

  1. Awesome, seems like almost none of that was at Canberra show…

  2. Keep the photos coming. Nothing like that at Canberra.

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