Goin’ to the Show

This is a bit out of order, as I was posting all through the day, but I did take a few prelim photos leading into Jeff’s Shed



There were some mixed feelings walking in, more hoping the show was going to be ok.  Parked at the Casino – although it was a longer walk (I could have parked under Jeff’s Shed), it is easy being right on the exit/entrance of Citylink.  Cost $8 for the entire day, so no real issue there!



Walking the corridor was very familiar – back to the days of yore.  Is a lot more ‘prestigious’ than the Showgrounds.  The crowd walking in was interesting – you can absolutely pick the woodworkers out of the crowd!


Inside, the size is the same as later (previous) years, although part of the right side was blocked off.  Hopefully as the show regains popularity, more exhibitors will come on board and the hall will fill again


For quite a bit of the day, it was up to 3 deep at stands – great to see.  Some people got really irritated having to wait for a conversation or a sale, but really – get over it – this isn’t a retail shop, it is a wood show!

The vibe was great though – lots of people, which instills a sense of excitement, lots of conversations, questions (and answers!)  And as a bonus, I hear the sales were pretty good too!

Still, I only got to 1/3 or so of the show!

Green is where I got to today, purple is what I must see tomorrow (more if possible!)  6 hours – boy, a weekend just isn’t long enough.

I am DEFINITELY setting off a SawStop blade tomorrow – no question about it. (He He – cannot wait!!)


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  1. Is the Kiwi dude selling EZY Vice there? I have one . It is a most handy unit for my requirements>

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