Proving Itself, Time and Again

I’m sure I have revisited the Festool CXS before, but each and every time there is a project that makes good use of it, the CXS shines.


It is surprising just how many times there has been particular calls on its abilities, whether it is being able to drill or screw around a corner, or simply the rapid exchange between the screw bit and the drill chuck.

Sourced from Ideal Tools, it isn’t a cheap drill/driver, but it is a quality tool, not a disposable one.

Just makes me think, and I know there is always a lot of comment around the cost of Festool, but each and every one I have gotten has continued to reinforce just how much value there is in the brand.

I still need a SCMS, and although the large Hitachi is very tempting (and cheaper), the Kapex is hard to look past.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Stu, any idea how long a battery charge lasts on the CXS?

    • Surprisingly, not really. I have been impressed with how long it does last. I drilled and screwed that entire shed together on a single charge, and the battery holds a charge for long periods of non-use.

      One reason I haven’t really paid attention to just how long it lasts is partly because it does- last that is, and secondly, the second battery sitting on the charger (it comes with two), will charge up well before the first runs out. So when it does, switch batteries and keep going, and again the flat battery will be ready to go well before it is needed.

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